Indicator 39: Geriatric care facilities

Indicator 39: Number and proportion of public/private health care facilities with geriatric care
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Type of indicator Instrumental indicator Instrumental indicator
Our findings

The Ministry of Health holds information about the number of facilities that provide:

  • aged residential care, which includes rest home, dementia, hospital, and psychogeriatric services;
  • services at a public hospital; and
  • services at a private hospital.

The list of certified facilities and providers is published at

In April 2013, there were 663 facilities certified for aged residential care. These facilities had:

  • 14,800 beds at long-stay hospital or psychogeriatric level care; and
  • 20,900 beds for rest home-level or dementia-level care.  

Some beds swing between categories and are counted in both categories.

How entities use the data

The Ministry of Health and district health boards use the information to enable decisions to be made about which services should be provided where, while considering the cost and quality of those services. Changing demographics, including the ageing population, is one factor affecting these decisions.

Entity responsible for this indicator Ministry of Health.

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