What good looks like: An integrity framework for the public sector

Our ‘What good looks like’ series is an opportunity for public sector staff and practitioners to hear about projects and good practice examples from other public organisations.

Integrity is essential to public trust. In our work, we’ve seen that integrity issues can quickly undermine trust and it takes only a few examples to significantly affect the whole public sector.

In June, our Office will publish an integrity framework and guide to support senior leaders and those in governance roles to deliver on their stewardship responsibility to support the integrity of New Zealand’s public sector.

At this session, Professor Michael Macaulay and Dr Sue Bidrose will share their insights on integrity in the public sector, and how public organisations can promote a culture of integrity within their workplaces.

Thursday 30 June

1.30 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Via Teams

To register, email events@oag.parliament.nz by 27 June. We encourage you to forward this event to those you think may be interested in this event. A Teams link will be sent to attendees on the day before the event.

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About our guest speakers

Michael Macaulay is a Professor of Public Administration at the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington. He was previously Professor of Public Management at Teesside University (UK), and has held visiting professor posts in the UK and South Africa. Michael’s research interests are ethics, integrity and anti-corruption within a public management and policy context. He was a member Whistling While They Work research team looking into the role of public interest whistleblowing in organisational, institutional and societal integrity.

Dr Sue Bidrose is the Chief Executive at AgResearch. She started her working life as a laboratory technician working in metabolic diseases of dairy cattle, for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. She then worked in the community sector and, after completing her Doctorate in Psychology, Dr Bidrose has worked in central government in research, policy and operational leadership roles. She then moved across to local government, most recently as Chief Executive of Dunedin City Council, before returning to the agricultural science sector at AgResearch in 2020.