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Integrity Day 2024

What did we do?

We supported the first Integrity Day, on February 16, 2024. We hosted two webinars - one for chief executives that featured an international panel of speakers, and one for "tier 2" leaders in the public sector. 

Why did we do this?

One of our strategic priorities is to increase our impact with public organisations through supporting strong organisational integrity practices. To achieve this, we need to raise awareness of the importance of integrity in the public sector, for audiences to understand why it matters and to proactively create opportunities for conversations in public sector agencies about integrity issues. 

The change we want to see by 2028 is that public sector leaders will:

  • be taking a system approach to integrity issues and developing strong organisational practices, including reporting;
  • have an understanding of te ao Māori perspectives on integrity and what this means for public organisations; and
  • be holding themselves and others to account for ethical leadership.
Integrity workplace

This webinar was for public sector chief executives, who are ultimately accountable for integrity matters in their organisations. Our guest panel of international experts shared insights on organisational culture, ethical leadership, decision-making in uncertain times, and the impact of the wider political system on public servants. 


This webinar was for "tier 2" leaders with responsibility or oversight of integrity matters or functions in their organisation, particularly chief financial officers and senior corporate services leaders. We presented findings and insights from our recent integrity-related performance audits, inquiries, and good practice guides. 

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The integrity framework

Putting integrity at the core of how public organisations operate helps leaders take a whole-of-organisation approach to building a culture of integrity in their organisations. There's also a simple interactive tool to guide people through the framework.


Online integrity tools!

As well as the framework, we've got online resources that can help to foster a culture of integrity. One of the tools is a useful online quiz about managing conflicts of interest. 

Welcome to Integrity Town

Our integrity resources

We've produced a wide range of publications and resources in support of strong integrity practices in the public sector. You'll find them all listed in the Publications | Integrity section of our website.