Insights and reflections from OAG work: An integrity perspective

An event for "tier 2" leaders in the public sector

Continuous-improvement.pngThis event has taken place.

This webinar was for Tier 2 public sector leaders, particularly those who lead corporate service functions, chief financial officers, and integrity officers. At this interactive webinar we shared insights from our integrity-related work over the course of 2023. Our staff presented important findings from our recent performance audits, inquiries, and good practice guidance. They pointed out opportunities to improve and shared some helpful tips from our guidance.

Our presenters 

Melanie WebbMelanie Webb is our Assistant Auditor-General, Legal, Policy, and Inquiries. Her group provides legal advice and support across all aspects of the work of the Office of the Auditor-General and Audit New Zealand, and participates in other operational work of the Auditor-General (including, good practice guides, advice to Parliament, engagement with government on new laws, and input on government proposals and policies).

Leeanne McAvineyLeeanne McAviney is our Assistant Auditor-General, Sector Performance. Her group carries out performance audits under section 16 of the Public Audit Act 2001, undertakes research and special studies on matters of interest to, and about, the performance of the public sector, and is building the data and analytics capability of the Office to better understand the performance of the public sector and support the wider work of the Office.