Leaders Integrity Forums

We provide support for these forums organised by Transparency International New Zealand. The forums feature guest speakers who give presentations on topics of interest to public organisations. The sessions are an opportunity for senior public leaders to discuss matters of mutual interest, share their experiences, and discuss good practice.

If you're a senior public leader and would like to attend these sessions, please get in touch: anne.gilbert@tinz.org.nz

Organised by Transparency International New Zealand and often held at our offices, the Leaders Integrity Forums are hosted in-person and/or online to senior leaders in the public sector. The discussions are not made available publicly, to encourage free and frank sharing of challenges and solutions or approaches. 

After each session, we usually publish a blog post that talks (at a high level) about the discussion and the useful aspects that arose.

The 2023 forums

During the first half of 2023, the topics for the in-person and online forums covered: 

  • Maintaining a stewardship role of integrity of identity
  • Kawanatanga: whakaharatau rangapū | Governance: how to put partnership into practice
  • Leading in Practice
  • Fraud Awareness - Red Flags and Risks
  • The Balancing Act: Reacting decisively and maintaining transparency
  • The Challenge of Changing Attitudes and Behaviour
  • The Challenges of Intergenerational Fiscal Transfers.

Earlier forums

These topics were covered in 2022 and there's a link if we wrote a blog post about the forum.

And these topics were covered in 2020 and 2021 (with a link if we wrote a blog post about it):