Family violence

A list of our content (including reports, articles, blog posts, and published letters) about reducing family violence.

Family violence is widely recognised as a complex problem. It persists despite the efforts of successive governments, many government agencies, and the numerous community organisations working with those who are either harmed by, or perpetrators of, violence.

In 2019/20, we started a multi-year programme of work aimed at examining public organisations’ performance in achieving reductions in family violence. 

During the next three years, our aim is to examine how well a joint venture has been set up to deliver reductions in family violence. We will also continue to increase our understanding of the overall family violence problem, its costs to society, and whether the system responds effectively in ways that will lead to significant and sustained reductions in family violence.

We plan to continue to report at different stages of our work.

If you or someone you know are experiencing family violence, we suggest visiting

Working in new ways to address family violence and sexual violence

June 2021: In September 2018, the Government announced the formation of the Joint Venture for Family Violence and Sexual Violence. The joint venture is accountable for significantly reducing family violence and sexual violence and involves new ministerial arrangements, new public service governance arrangements, and new ways for agencies to work. We carried out a performance audit of this new way of working.