Note 2: Crown funding

The Crown provides revenue to meet the costs of the Office in assisting Parliament in its role of ensuring accountability for the use of public resources. The services provided to Parliament include reports to Parliament and other constituencies, reports and advice to select committees, responding to taxpayer and ratepayer enquiries, advice to government bodies, professional bodies, and other agencies, and administering the provisions of the Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968.

Accounting policy

Revenue from the Crown is measured based on the Office's funding entitlement for the year. The funding entitlement is established by Parliament when it passes the Appropriation Acts for the financial year. The amount of revenue recognised takes into account any amendments approved in the Appropriation (Supplementary Estimates) Act for the year.

There are no conditions attached to the funding from the Crown. However, the Office can incur expenses only within the scope and other limits of its appropriations.

The fair value of revenue from the Crown has been determined to be equivalent to the funding entitlement.