Appendix 6: Progress with work carried forward from 2017/18

Annual report 2018/19.
Work we planned for 2017/18 Published title or current state Date
Reflections report on Information theme Reflecting on our work about information 4/9/18
Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2017 Published by the Ministry of Defence 5/11/18
Auckland Council – topic to be determined Effectiveness of Auckland Council's post-implementation review process 30/11/18
Management of stormwater networks to reduce the effect of flooding Managing stormwater systems to reduce the risk of flooding 13/12/18
Marine spatial planning for the Hauraki Gulf Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari: Creating a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf 12/12/18
How effective are the processes used to consider marine reserve proposals? Using different processes to protect marine environments 26/6/19
Optimising the demand for and the supply of drinking water Managing the supply of and demand for drinking water 20/9/18
Progress on freshwater quality management since 2011 Expected to be finished in 2019/20
Spending on clean-up of significant water bodies Expected to be finished in 2019/20