Appendix 4: Reports and other work published or completed in 2018/19

Annual report 2018/19.
Performance audits
Accident Compensation Corporation: How it deals with complaints – Progress in responding to the Auditor-General's recommendations
Reflecting on our work about information
Managing the supply of and demand for drinking water
Introducing our work about procurement
Effectiveness of Auckland Council's post-implementation review process
Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari: Creating a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf
Managing stormwater systems to reduce the risk of flooding
Panels of suppliers (survey results)
Management, monitoring, and evaluation of the Provincial Growth Fund (statement of planned work)
Our intentions: Reviewing Auckland Council's work on disaster preparedness and resilient communities (progress statement)
Using different processes to protect marine environments
Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2018
Implementation of the new bus network and services in Wellington City (letter to the Chairman of Greater Wellington Regional Council)
Complaints of conflicts of interest against Cr Sue Brown and Cr Kit Maling (letter to the Chief Executive of Tasman District Council)
Further information alleging conflicts of interest (letter to the Chief Executive of Tasman District Council)
Report to the Council [of Waikato Institute of Technology]: Additional assurance work on travel expenses, redundancy and severance payments
Inquiry into procurement of work by Westland District Council at Franz Josef
Incentive payments made by Te Puni Kōkiri to Whānau Ora commissioning agencies (letter to the Chief Executive of Te Puni Kōkiri)
Other reports and studies
Long-term plans: Our audits of councils' consultation documents
Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2017
Tertiary education institutions: Results of the 2017 audits
Results of the 2017 school audits
Central government: Results of the 2017/18 audits
Matters arising from our audits of the 2018-28 long-term plans
Controller update: July to December 2018
Insights and reflections: Our 2017/18 central government audit work (letter to state sector chief executives)
Our 2018 work about local government
Main matters arising from the 2017/18 audits of district health boards (letter sent to chief executives and board chairs of district health boards)
Update on the follow-up of our 2013 discussion paper, Insuring public assets (letter to Finance and Expenditure Committee)
Other work published
Model financial statements for district health boards 2017/18
Summary of fraud findings 2017/18
Annual report 2017/18
Timeliness of reporting by public entities (letter to Finance and Expenditure Committee)
Proposed reform of the State Sector Act 1988 (submission to the State Services Commission)
Embedding wellbeing in the Public Finance Act 1989 (submission to the Treasury)
Establishing an Independent Fiscal Institution (submission to the Treasury)
Submission on establishing an independent infrastructure body (letter to the Treasury)
Concerns about aspects of Tasman District Council's Waimea community dam (letter to the Chief Executive of Tasman District Council)
Request to inquire into Mudtopia (letter to the Chief Executive of Rotorua Lakes Council)
Submission on the review of Tomorrow's Schools (letter to the Tomorrow's Schools Independent Taskforce)
Kāpiti Coast District Council's proposal to invest funds (letter to the Chief Executive of Kāpiti Coast District Council)
Tertiary Education Institutions: Changes to the requirements for performance reporting in annual reports (letter to Chairs/Chancellors and Chief Executives/Vice-Chancellors)
Submission on safeguarding the future of our financial system: The role of the Reserve Bank and how it should be governed (letter to the Treasury)
Comments on local government funding and financing issues paper (letter to the Productivity Commission)
Allegations concerning possible misuse of party and member support funding (letter to the General Manager of Parliamentary Service)
Submission on Report by the Tomorrow's Schools Independent Taskforce (letter to the Chairman of the Tomorrow's Schools Independent Taskforce)
Submission on the Reform of Vocational Education proposals (letter to the Minister of Education)
Submission to the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission
Draft annual plan 2019/20
Annual plan 2019/20
Severance payments: A guide for the public sector (revised edition)
MPs' guide to the Auditor-General (revised edition)
About the Controller and Auditor-General (revised edition)