Appendix 3: Timeline of events

Immigration New Zealand: Delivering transformational change.

This is a detailed timeline of events leading to the formation of, and conclusion of, the Vision 2015 programme.

WhenWhat happened
2006 An initial business case for the Immigration Business Transformation project was developed.
March 2008 After several iterations, Cabinet approved the scope of a business case, which included replacing Immigration New Zealand's core information and communications technology system, the Application Management System.
2009 Through the Immigration Act 2009, legislative changes necessary to support the future operating model were put in place. Changes included the provision for automated visa decision-making, the collection and use of biometric information for identity verification, and more flexibility for government agencies to share information.
2010 The Immigration Business Transformation project concluded. Informed by the findings of the Immigration Business Transformation project, Cabinet directed Immigration New Zealand to undertake a procurement process and develop a business case for a foundation immigration system, which would enable and support Immigration New Zealand's business change. The new system was known as the Immigration Global Management System. Cabinet also approved a $30 million contingency to keep the core visa processing system operational.
December 2010 to September 2011 Request for proposals was issued and the process for choosing a preferred supplier for the Immigration Global Management System took place.
August 2011 The Vision 2015 Portfolio was set up to provide oversight of, and co-ordinate several business change projects within, Immigration New Zealand. The Vision 2015 Portfolio included the Immigration Global Management System and the Global Service Delivery Model project.
October 2011 Cabinet approved the business case for the Immigration Global Management System with capital expenditure of $90.4 million.
2012 The Vision 2015 Programme strategy was launched. In July, Immigration New Zealand transitioned from being part of the Department of Labour to being part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
June 2013 The Ministerial inquiry report into Novopay (Ministry of Education) was published. The Global Service Delivery Model project concluded and was eventually incorporated into the Vision 2015 Programme.
October 2013 The Vision 2015 Programme was established. This was a significant turning point in Immigration New Zealand's change journey.
November 2013 A revised Vision 2015 Programme business case with capital expenditure of $108.4 million was approved. During this time, Immigration New Zealand also reviewed the feasibility of fully replacing the Application Management System.
July/August 2014 The decision to keep elements of the core visa processing system was made by the Vision 2015 Programme Board. This led to a reduction in financial savings and a two-year delay in fully realising financial benefits.
June 2015 Immigration New Zealand made a $28.4 million funding request to achieve an additional benefit of $5.1 million per year. This work is not covered by the Vision 2015 Programme.
June 2016 The Vision 2015 Programme was formally concluded.