Appendix 2: Other projects in the Vision 2015 Programme

Immigration New Zealand: Delivering transformational change.

Below is the list of projects that were included in the Vision 2015 Programme when it was set up. Before the Vision 2015 Programme was set up, these projects were managed separately by Immigration New Zealand.

ProjectWhat the project is about
Global Service Delivery Model The aim was to change the way Immigration New Zealand operated globally, reorganising Immigration New Zealand's network of offices, centralising some visa processing, replacing the services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and using third-party providers to deliver frontline services.
Immigration Global Management System Immigration Global Management System is a technology solution that enabled the Vision 2015 Programme. It consists of workflow technology, business rules, collaboration tools, and document management, payment, and other technologies.
Identity management The aim was to develop a new identity management system that uses biographic and biometric (face and fingerprint) data matching.
Biometric enrolment The aim was to enable Immigration New Zealand to collect and store biometric information to support the identity management system.
Secure real-time Five Country Conference data-sharing platform This platform allows New Zealand to share information with its Five Country Conference partners.
Risk and value triage framework The aim was to develop a new risk-based triage and verification model for visa applications. This included developing business rules, business processes, and tools for visa processing staff.
eMedical eMedical is Immigration New Zealand's online health processing system. The aim was to replace the use of paper medical certificates where possible.
eVisa This project implements electronic visas (a visa issued without a physical label in a passport), thereby removing the need for people to supply their passport when making a visa application.