Appendix 1: The 29 main projects in the Vision 2015 Programme

Immigration New Zealand: Delivering transformational change.

These are the 29 main projects that formed the Vision 2015 Programme.

  1. Develop, test, and roll out an approach to workflow and how visa applications would be allocated for processing.
  2. Roll out electronic visas (eVisas).
  3. Confirm the roles of Immigration New Zealand offices worldwide – using a hub and satellite model.
  4. Review the end-to-end process of Skilled Migrant Category visa applications to identify opportunities to improve timeliness.
  5. Create and implement new visa assessment tools.
  6. Review the roles and accountabilities of staff in Immigration New Zealand offices.
  7. Review onshore counter services and standardise the service provided.
  8. Review and confirm the role and capacity requirements of the Immigration New Zealand contact centre.
  9. Establish a strategy and approach to promote and monitor the uptake of online services.
  10. Establish a standardised approach to dealing with customer interactions.
  11. Set up a customer insights capability to measure and understand the quality of customer experience.
  12. Build the Immigration Online gateway to the visa application system (including replacing the Immigration New Zealand website).
  13. Design, implement, and refine a learning system that gathers risk and intelligence information to inform the risk and triage tool. This is the triage feedback mechanism.
  14. Align all risk management and verification roles in Visa Services.
  15. Implement a new triage and verification framework. This includes business rules for triaging visa applications, and new business processes to ensure that low-risk applications are decided quickly.
  16. Assess and confirm the role of the Client Risk Methodology tool.
  17. Implement the changes needed to support the roll-out of automated triaging of visa applications.
  18. Create a process management framework and tool for the visa processing service.
  19. Establish a set of principles for the allocation and reallocation of visa applications.
  20. Create a performance management and reporting framework for the visa processing service.
  21. Establish and implement quality control and quality assurance processes for the new visa processing operating model.
  22. Review Visa Services' operations based on the new visa processing operating model.
  23. Review Immigration New Zealand's relationships with its partners to ensure that they align with the new visa processing operating model.
  24. Create online forms, standard operating procedures, and staff training for student, work, and visitor visa applications.
  25. Create the business case for the biometric enrolment capability.
  26. Roll out eMedical, set up a network of panel doctors, and establish the Health Assessment Team.
  27. Digitise visa applications and centralise the lodgement of all onshore online applications to the Auckland-based documentation office.
  28. Create and put in place the identity management system.
  29. Design and put in place the online capability for receiving visa applications from groups of people.