Publications produced during 2012

This is a list of the publications produced in 2012 (the most recent items are listed first).
Auckland Council: Transition and emerging challenges

December 2012: This report sets out our observations from interviews with more than 50 people who were involved in designing and implementing the Auckland local government reforms and are involved in the governance and management of the Auckland Council. It also draws on our own audit work with the Council.

Inquiry into aspects of ACC's Board-level governance

August 2012: Our inquiry found no evidence that Ms Pullar's approach to one of ACC's Board members affected her claim to ACC. However, the Board had no formal policy to guide Board members on communication with individual claimants, a deficiency it is rectifying.

Reviewing financial management in central government

June 2012: To work out in a co-ordinated way where financial resources are directed, how they are controlled, and, ultimately, what value they create is fundamentally important. We have reviewed whether central government's financial management system allows us to understand and manage our financial resources within and throughout government and, if not, what needs to change.

Realising benefits from six public sector technology projects

June 2012: In this paper, we look at six public sector ICT-enabled projects that range in cost from a few hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars. We highlight some of the features of the projects' management that have led them to realise benefits successfully.

Summary of our fraud survey results

April 2012: Summary of our fraud survey results for Crown research institutes, Autonomous Crown entities, Crown agents or companies, Independent Crown entities, and Central government - other.

Overview of the Auditor-General’s work in the transport sector

March 2012: This document gives an overview of the role of the Auditor-General and outlines the kind of advice and support that the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee can expect from us. It also provides a description of the transport sector and its strategic significance, and describes our work in general and, specifically, in the transport sector.