Corporate and back-office improvements

Effectiveness and efficiency: Stories from the public sector.

Human Rights Commission

Opting for less costly premises when existing lease expired has prompted a move to open plan and the benefits of increased communication.

Hutt City Council

Sustained implementation of business plan continues to reap benefits in costs, standard of services and customer satisfaction.

Ministry of Transport

Adopting a professional business organisational structure and implementing a significant culture change has had a marked effect on the Ministry of Transport.

Nelson City Council

Reframed management roles and focusing on customer service has increased both staff engagement and customer satisfaction.

Radio New Zealand

Taking a lateral approach to extending the life of the existing audio production system has saved the substantial cost of replacement.

Statistics New Zealand

Implementing an ambitious 10-year business plan is enabling Statistics New Zealand to meet the increased demand for timely, relevant, and tailorable information head-on.

Tararua District Council

Empowering employees, reducing reliance on external consultants, and flattening organisational structure has led to enhanced relationships with regional council and stakeholders, improved services and reduced costs.

Taupo District Council

Pitching organisational change as a way of working rather than magic bullet, has turned Taupo District Council into an award-winning organisation.

Tourism New Zealand

Reducing the numbers of information technology vendors has led to a smarter system, less frustrated employees, and significant savings.