Providing a good overview

Our general observations

Most annual reports we looked at included an overview of their performance. This can be an effective tool to present a public organisation’s performance in a concise way. Most of the overviews that we saw were not comprehensive and did not include information about the impact or outcomes of their services. We liked overviews that covered all key elements of a public organisation’s performance.

Accident Compensation Corporation

Accident Compensation Corporation’s 2020/21 Annual Report provides a concise and comprehensive overview of performance at all layers, including what was achieved and what wasn't. This enables users to more readily understand how well it has performed.

What we liked:

  • Simple, clear overview of performance against key performance indicators relating to its strategic intentions, particularly its outcomes.
  • Clear link (through page numbers) to further detailed reporting on the measures.
  • Overview includes areas where targets have not been met and where they have been met.

An infographic from the Accident Compensation Corporation’s 2020/21 Annual Report that gives an overview of what targets it has met and hasn’t met.