Principles behind good practice

There are some fundamental principles that apply to most aspects of managing public resources.

This section summarises the most important aspects of good practice for a range of topics. We also have much more detailed published guides on some of these topics.

good practice.jpgAccountability: Public organisations should be accountable for their performance and be able to give full and accurate accounts of their activities. They should have in place governance and management arrangements suitable to address any concerns.

Fairness: Public organisations have a fundamental public law obligation to always act fairly and reasonably. What public organisations do should be open and impartial.

Integrity: Anyone who is managing public resources should do so with the utmost integrity.

Lawfulness: Public organisations must act within the law, and meet their legal obligations.

Openness: Public organisations should act in a way that is – and is seen to be – transparent.

Value for money: Public organisations should use resources effectively, economically, and without waste in achieving their policies and delivering services to New Zealanders.