Is there anything you have previously done or said that might make people think you are not going to listen fairly to all the relevant information before you make your decision?

It is accepted that people working for public entities will have their own views on many matters, and, in many cases, might already have views on what the “right answer” to an issue is.

You are not required to approach every decision as though you have given it no prior thought, or have no existing knowledge or opinion. However, you are required to keep an open mind, and you must be prepared to change or adjust your views if the evidence or arguments warrant it.

That means you need to take care that what you do or say does not make it look like you
have already made your decision before you have considered all the relevant information
and evidence.

To read more, see paragraphs 3.32-3.40 and scenarios 4 and 7 of Managing conflicts of interest: A guide for the public sector.