Tips for managing conflicts

  • Make sure you know what rules apply to you, whether in your employment contract, contract for services, terms of appointment, or any internal policies of the entity you work for.
  • Declare any interests you have that might pose a conflict. This shows you are being open. It will also help the entity you work for avoid putting you in a situation where a conflict might arise, or to manage a conflict if one arises.
  • Follow any rules or guidance provided by the entity you work for when deciding how to manage
    a conflict.
  • As a minimum, declare any conflicts you have as soon as you become aware of them, preferably
    in writing.
  • Think about what else you might need to do to manage the conflict. Get advice if you need to. Talk to your manager, or if you are on a board, the chairperson.
  • You need to consider ethics as well as legal rules. Just because it’s not unlawful to participate, that does not necessarily mean it would be appropriate to participate.

If in doubt, stay out.