Case studies

I am interested in my Audit and Risk Committee bringing in a range of skills, and how their perspectives complement each other at the department [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade].

Chris Seed, Chief Executive and Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade

One of the main reasons we have created this resource was to build a repository for sharing stories, ideas, and experiences. Often, the best way to learn is to find out what worked (or didn't work) for others. So we asked some of our experts to provide us with case studies of Audit and Risk Committees in the public sector.

Case study #1

A past chief executive of Land Information New Zealand treated the Audit and Risk Committee as a “portfolio” of advisors. While there were standing members, other members with specialist skills were brought in as necessary with specific short-term contracts that complemented the specific priorities that the organisation was facing.

Case study #2

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Audit and Risk Committee meeting agendas are split into a part with standing items (regular reporting, compliance, and control matters), and items that reflect important, strategic matters, ranging from the department’s carbon neutrality programme to the department’s property portfolio. The discussions are particularly focused on complementing the foreign policy-focused skillset of the department’s senior management team, for example around property management, and the corporate side of the department.

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