Sector Performance

What do we do?

The Sector Performance Group has three main functions:

  • We carry out performance audits (which are non-financial audits) under section 16 of the Public Audit Act 2001.
  • We carry out research and special studies on matters of interest to, and about, the performance of the public sector.
  • We use data and analytics to better understand the performance of the public sector and support the wider work of the Office, including Audit New Zealand.

Performance Audits

Section 16 provides that the Auditor-General may examine whether:

  • public entities are carrying out their activities effectively and efficiently;
  • public entities are complying with their statutory obligations;
  • any act or omission of a public entity has resulted or may have resulted or may result in waste; and
  • any act or omission shows, or appears to show, a lack of probity or financial prudence.

The performance audit delivery teams are responsible for preparing performance audits reports, most of which the Speaker tables in Parliament. These reports are available in the Publications section of our website.

We also have a practice and methodology team to maintain and improve the performance audit methodology. This team will also play a role in developing and maintaining a consistent approach to induction, training, and professional development of our performance auditors.

Research and special studies

The research team helps the Office to better understand the performance of the public sector by staying up to date with developments that will affect the public sector or the audit profession. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • gathering intelligence about emerging issues, new practices, and stakeholder needs;
  • developing and maintaining a medium-term research programme for the Office, carrying out research or special studies (such as the review of the Treasury’s Long Term Fiscal Statement) or engaging third-party providers to do research on behalf of the Office;
  • in-house survey work and maintaining an overview of all the Office’s survey;
  • working with the Methodology and Practice team to adapt methodology or develop new methods to integrate a wider range of research techniques into performance audits or special studies and support the development of new types of products;
  • developing, integrating, and providing access to information and knowledge throughout the Office; and
  • providing library services to all staff.

Data and analytics

The data and analytics team’s purpose is the innovation, provision and improvement of the Office of the Auditor-General and Audit New Zealand’s data and analytic capability.

The team’s work includes:

  • data and analytics advice, including approaches, acquisition, modelling, and helping identify possible solutions;
  • data management services, including storage, data quality, acquisition, extraction, transformation, and publishing;
  • data and analytic capability development support, including training sessions and how-to guides;
  • visual analytics support, including static graphical and interactive self-service solutions;
  • data analysis reports, including discovery, landscape, interrogation, and “deep dive” insight reports;
  • advanced data analytics services, including mathematical and predictive modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning, text mining and analytics, knowledge engineering, and network analytics;
  • development and experimentation of pilot and prototype data and analytics solutions; and
  • data, analytics, and technology liaison support in helping connect subject matter and technology experts.

Group structure

The Assistant Auditor-General of the Sector Performance Group is Leeanne McAviney.

Key members of our teams are:

Sector Performance Group.

Page last updated: 21 May 2020