Legal, Policy, and Inquiries Group

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What do we do?

The Legal, Policy and Inquiries Group:

  • provides in-house legal services and manages legal risk for the Controller and Auditor-General across all the functions and activities of the organisation;
  • leads and manages inquiries under the Public Audit Act 2001;
  • administers the provisions of the Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968 on behalf of the Auditor-General;
  • participates in other operational work of the Auditor-General, including inquiries, performance audits, good practice guides, advice to Parliament, engagement with government on new laws, and input on government proposals and policies, particularly in matters relating to:
    • government and local authority advertising;
    • conflicts of interest; and
    • probity and public sector ethics, integrity, and conduct.

Group structure

The Assistant Auditor-General, Legal, Policy, and Inquiries Group is Melanie Webb.

The other members of the Group are:

  • Belinda Rynhart (Manager, Legal)
  • Jonathan Keate (Senior Solicitor; Sector Manager, Local Government)
  • Miriam Davie (Senior Solicitor)
  • Linda Edwards (Solicitor)
  • David Lemmon (Manager, Inquiries)
  • David Press (Senior Inquiries Specialist)
  • Liz Colley (Senior Inquiries Specialist)
  • Helen Colebrook (Senior Inquiries Specialist)
  • Gabrielle Wheddon (Inquiries Specialist)
  • Sarah McGray (Principal Policy Advisor)
  • Shelley Dobson (Executive Co-ordinator).

Page last updated: 23 January 2020