Our Controller team

We have a small team at the Office of the Auditor-General for the Controller function. They are responsible for the leadership, strategic management, issues resolution, and general oversight of the Controller work.

The Controller function provides independent assurance to Parliament and the public that expenditure incurred by the Crown (executive government) is lawful and within the authority provided by Parliament.

Bill Robertson is the Assistant Controller, and Logan Moore is the Senior Advisor, Public Sector Finance and Reporting. The Assistant Controller reports directly to the Auditor-General and Deputy Auditor-General.

Bill and Logan work closely with the two Audit New Zealand Directors who are assigned to the Controller function. The OAG’s Controller team is assisted part time by several OAG staff employed in other roles.

Key operational aspects of the Controller function are carried out by a larger Controller team within Audit New Zealand and by all auditors of government departments and Officers of Parliament.

Bill Robertson Logan Moore
Photo of Bill Robertson Logan Moore

Page created: 14 June 2024