Audit results at a glance

Tertiary education institutions: 2021 audit results and what we saw in 2022.

28 tertiary education institutions audited

24 reported on time

25 received unmodified audit opinions

Top 4 types of recommendations

  1. improving controls related to expenditure;
  2. improving the process to value assets, and maintaining fixed asset registers;
  3. improving the effectiveness and application of policies; and
  4. improving controls related to information systems and data management.

"Emphasis of matter" paragraphs

An emphasis of matter paragraph is used to draw attention to something that's important to how the reader understands what's in the audited parts of an entity's annual report.

We used emphasis of matter paragraphs in the audit reports of the Te Pūkenga subsidiaries that were formerly institutes of technology and polytechnics. We did so to emphasis that they would continue until 31 December 2022 at the latest, at which point they would be fully integrated into Te Pūkenga.