Annual report 2022/23

Our work

Audited information

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve trust and promote value in the public sector. We do this by influencing improvements in public sector performance and accountability. We aim for our work to be relevant, make a positive difference to the way the public sector operates, and help Parliament and New Zealanders to have trust and confidence in public organisations.

The ultimate outcome we seek is that Parliament and New Zealanders have trust and confidence in the public sector. For this to happen, the public sector needs to perform well and provide reliable, meaningful, and timely information so that public organisations can be held to account for their spending and performance.

Our performance framework

Everything we do is directed towards achieving the outcomes in our performance framework. The framework sets out the outcomes we contribute to, impacts we are aiming to achieve, and work we do (our services).

Each of our outcomes, impacts, and services have performance indicators (or measures) and annual targets. The performance indicators for our services are based on quantity, quality, timeliness, or a combination of these.

The data and commentaries in the following sections describe the results for each of our performance indicators for 2022/23.

Overview of our performance

We have summarised whether our performance improved, declined, or was maintained for each group of our measures and targets. Although we completed most of the audits of large public organisations on time, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on staff availability for public organisations and audit service providers affected the timely completion of audits.

Performance framework
Outcomes we seek

It is important that public organisations continue to improve how they account for the public resources they use, meet the high standards of governance and integrity expected of them, and continue to improve their performance. 

Our intended impacts

Our impacts are the overall public sector improvements we contribute to. Encouraging public organisations to implement our recommendations is an important way we can help improve public sector performance and accountability.

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In 2022/23, performance results for the services we provided were mixed. Our operating environment continues to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including shortages of suitably qualified staff available in public organisations to prepare information for audits and the ongoing global shortage of auditors.