List of our fraud resources

A list of our reports, articles, blog posts, and published letters about fraud (its incidence, prevention, or inquiries into allegations of wrongdoing).
Author portrait picture Fraud and corruption prevention: Getting it right

October’s Transparency International New Zealand Leaders Integrity Forum was hosted by the Office of the Auditor-General in our Auckland office for the first time since July 2021. Sector Advisor, Manisha Das, shares key points and reflections from the discussion.

Author portrait picture Fraud: Some cautionary tales

During International Fraud Awareness Week we shared stories from our auditors about instances of alleged fraud they’ve come across while carrying out their work. We thought it we be useful to collect them all in one place.

Author portrait picture People matter: trust and risk

At my son’s football match, I watched from the side line along with other parents, who were becoming increasingly unhappy as their sons in opposing teams tested each other.

Summary of our fraud survey results

April 2012: Summary of our fraud survey results for Crown research institutes, Autonomous Crown entities, Crown agents or companies, Independent Crown entities, and Central government - other.

Department of Labour: Management of immigration identity fraud

June 2007: The Department has systems, processes, procedures, and relationships with relevant external agencies in place for the prevention, detection, and investigation of identity fraud within the skilled migrant and United Nations quota refugee entry categories. However, we noted several areas where improvements need to be made...