Annual report 2022/23

Impact 2: New Zealanders are better informed about the performance and accountability of the public sector

We aim to focus our work on issues that are important to New Zealanders.

We measure this through the number of citations in the media about our work.

Indicator: New Zealand media provide increased coverage of our reports and letters
Target: Increasing

Year Score
2022/23 Increasing – 1710
2021/22 Decreasing – 1487
2020/21 Increasing – 1621
2019/20 Increasing – 1454
2018/19 Decreasing – 1277

In 2022/23, the number of citations in the media about our work increased by 15% from the 2021/22 result. This is the highest number of media citations we have measured.

Our comments about public accountability and the need for improved performance reporting to track government spending were reported widely.

Auditor shortages and delays, particularly for councils, also received media coverage.