Annual report 2022/23

Impact 1: Parliament provides effective scrutiny of the public sector

Our advice and reports to parliamentary select committees help them to hold the public sector to account. The information we provide must be relevant, reliable, and timely. We formally and informally assess feedback. Both confirm our reports and advice to Parliament are effective and support Parliament in its scrutiny of public organisations.

We formally measure this by surveying parliamentary select committee chairpersons every two years on whether our advice and reports were helpful.

Indicator: Our advice and reports help select committees scrutinise the public sector more effectively
Target: 100%

Year Score
2022/23 100% when last assessed
2021/22 100%
2020/21 100% when last assessed
2019/20 100%
2018/19 New indicator for 2019/20

Source: Our surveys of select committee chairpersons are carried out every two years.
The most recent was in 2021/22 and the next will be in 2023/24.