Annual report 2022/23

Work published in 2022/23

During 2022/23, we published 41 products.

Inquiry work

Cost of Living payment

Project Te Matapihi – structural engineering services for the central library

Engagement of consultants by Horowhenua District Council

Letter in response to concerns about funding to Transport Choices projects

Letter in response to concerns about funding for the Port Nelson Slipway project

Response to concerns about the Measles Catch-up Campaign

Performance audit work

Co-ordination of the all-of-government response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020

How well public organisations are supporting Whānau Ora and whānau-centred approaches

New Zealand Defence Force: Resetting efforts to reduce harmful behaviour

Review of the Provincial Growth Fund reset

Four initiatives supporting improved outcomes for Māori

Meeting the needs of people affected by family violence and sexual violence

Auckland Council: Preparedness for responding to an emergency

Response to our recommendations about infrastructure as a service

Responses to our recommendations about managing freshwater quality

Responses to our recommendations about strategic suppliers

Follow-up on marine protection planning processes

Other published work

Māori perspectives on public accountability

Matters arising from our audits of the 2021-31 long-term plans

Submission on the Water Services Entities Bill

A safe and respectful New Zealand Defence Force: First monitoring report

Setting up a council’s Audit and Risk Committee

Submission on “A fair chance for all – Breaking the cycle of persistent disadvantage”

Letter to the Officers of Parliament Committee about accountability concerns

Observations from our central government audits: 2021/22

Insights into local government: 2021

Update on 2021 school audits

Getting the most out of your department’s Audit and Risk Committee

Submission on draft water services legislation

Submission on the Natural and Built Environment Bill

Controller update: July to December 2022

Results of the 2021 school audits

Tertiary education institutions: 2021 audit results and what we saw in 2022

Managing public funding in an emergency response or recovery – Observations from our work

Summary of unappropriated expenditure: 2015/16 to 2021/22

Corporate publications

Annual report 2021/22

Draft annual plan 2023/24

Auditor-General’s mid-term review

Annual plan 2023/24

The Auditor-General’s strategic intentions to 2028

The Auditor-General’s auditing standards