Appendix 5: Progress with work carried forward from 2016/17

Annual report 2017/18.
Work we planned for 2016/17 Published title Date
Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2016 Published by the Ministry of Defence 6/7/17
Review of the Treasury's 2016 statement on New Zealand's long-term fiscal position Commentary on He Tirohanga Mokopuna: 2016 Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position 25/7/17
Schools: How the management of school property affects the ability of schools to operate effectively (carried forward from 2015/16) Managing the school property portfolio 27/7/17
Reflections report on Investment and asset management theme Reflections from our audits: Investment and asset management 1/8/17
Health patient information systems Ministry of Health: Supporting the implementation of patient portals 29/11/17
Auckland Council – Digital re-engineering of customer interfaces Auckland Council: Working to provide customer-centred services online 30/11/17
Investment to improve the information about local government assets Getting the right information to effectively manage public assets: Lessons from local authorities 5/12/17
Return on investment in modernising the courts (carried forward from 2015/16) Ministry of Justice: Modernising court services 19/12/17
Social housing – How well Housing New Zealand uses information to manage investment, assets, and tenancies Using information to improve social housing services 19/12/17
Infrastructure as a Service: Are benefits being realised? Infrastructure as a Service: Are the benefits being achieved? 27/2/18
Overseas Investment Office – How effectively does it collect and manage information relevant to decision-makers? How the Overseas Investment Office uses information 12/4/18
Using data to improve public services: The state of leadership, on-the-job learning, investment assessment, and capability development Data in the public sector – Four articles 28/6/18
How secure is data in the public sector? Integrated with the Data in the public sector articles 28/6/18