Our recommendations

Department of Internal Affairs: Administration of two grant schemes.

We recommend that the Department of Internal Affairs:

  1. implement, in a timely manner, a new business system for grant administration that meets the identified requirements, and then monitor that system to ensure that it improves the effectiveness and efficiency of grant administration as intended;
  2. improve the recordkeeping about decisions made by Lottery Grants and Community Organisation Grants Scheme committees by:
    • working with the committees to ensure proper recording of reasons why applications are approved or declined or a lesser amount than requested is granted; and
    • ensuring that members of the Community Organisation Grants Scheme committees properly and consistently complete the information required by the Local Distribution Committee Members' Assessment Tool; and
  3. revise its agreement with the Lottery Outdoor Safety Committee to ensure that accountability requirements for recipients of large grants are adequate and appropriate for the size and nature of those grants.
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