Appendix 4: Extract from the business case for Project Pai Ake

Department of Internal Affairs: Administration of two grant schemes.

The table below shows the high-level requirements that the Department of Internal Affairs has identified as part of its business case for a new grant administration system. The Department expects the new system to be implemented by April 2011.

Limitations and inflexibility of the existing tool (Grants Online)
Affects Administration and management of grants

Ability to manage information about the history of, and relationships between organisations and individuals applying for grants

Ability of [the Department] to see current and historic[al] activities undertaken by all [Local Government and Community] staff in relation to a particular individual/organisation

Ability of [the Department] to create new funding schemes or make modifications to existing schemes
Integrity of data

Quality of report on [Local Government and Community] activities
The impact of which is Non-compliance with legislation or best practice in areas such as taxation, accounting and internal control standards

Inability to implement new requirement related to the Outcomes Framework and Better Funding Practice

Increased risk of double dipping and other undesirable behaviour by organisations or individuals applying for grants

It is difficult to see patterns of grant distribution over time

It is difficult, slow and expensive to add new funding schemes or make changes to existing ones

Ability to respond to Official Information/Ministerials

Lack of data to support evidence-based decision making
A successful solution would Improve support for staff to deliver better services to clients

Support the implementation of the Outcomes Framework and outcomes based reporting

Support the implementation of new grants administration processes to ensure alignment with best practice

Reduce cost of ownership as a result of reduced reliance on an external vendor to undertake basic administration and configuration tasks

Enable consolidation of grants management activities into a single system allowing other systems to be decommissioned thereby reducing cost

Reduce operational cost by automating manual processes

Lower costs to both the business and clients by making better use of technology to reduce the need for hard-copy documentation to be printed, transported and stored

Ensure compliance with appropriate financial, audit and internal control standards and reduce risks

Facilitate planning and targeting of grants funding as a result of more accurate and timely management reporting

Ensure accurate and timely responses to Ministerials and Parliamentary Questions

Provide better quality advice and policy guidance to Ministers and other interested groups

Enhance the ability to link grants funding activities with other initiatives undertaken within [Local Government and Community] such as the delivery of community advisory services and community development projects

Enable the ability to adapt to future changes in the funding model(s) that need to be supported by [the Department]

Enable [the Department's] staff to add and configure the business rules and processes for new and existing funding schemes

Enable evidence based decision-making.

Source: Department of Internal Affairs, information supporting the business case for Project Pai Ake.

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