Appendix 3: Department of Internal Affairs' funding principles for administering grants

Department of Internal Affairs: Administration of two grant schemes.

The Department of Internal Affairs has set out principles for administering grants within its Better Funding Practice Business Process Manual. Those principles, and the Department's expectations of administrators and grant recipients, are reproduced in the table below.

Expectations of grant administrators Principle Expectations of grant recipients
act within the law, and meeting all obligations as a government department Lawfulness act within the law, and meet legal obligations as a grant recipient
be accountable to the Crown and the Department for their performance and be able to give full and accurate evidence of their activities Accountability have governance and management arrangements in place, be accountable for the performance of the funded project and be able to give evidence of the outcomes achieved
be transparent in their dealings with funding recipients, the Crown and the public Openness be transparent in their dealings with the Department
use resources effectively and economically to achieve value for money outcomes Value for money provide evidence of effective use of resources and sound financial practices
act fairly and reasonably with open and impartial policies and procedures Fairness act fairly and responsibly in their dealings with the Department
have policies and processes that ensure the highest standards of integrity in the use of public funds and as defined by the New Zealand Public Service Code of Conduct Integrity manage grant funds as public money with the highest degree of integrity and honesty
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