Appendix 1: The two grant schemes

Department of Internal Affairs: Administration of two grant schemes.

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme

A brochure produced by the Department of Internal Affairs describes the Community Organisation Grants Scheme:

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) is government-funded and community-driven – an example of the community and government working together to build strong communities with effective social services.

Thirty-seven Local Distribution Committees (LDC), served by volunteers, make decisions on grant applications from organisations within their communities.

COGS funds services or projects that:
  • are initiated by community organisations
  • respond to locally identified priorities established through community consultation at COGS public meetings held in April each year
  • will benefit one or more of the COGS priority sectors (i.e. Māori, women, Pacific and other ethnic communities, older people, the rurally isolated, people with disabilities, families, youth and children, and unemployed people)
  • have limited access to other government funding.
COGS makes a contribution to
  • the running costs of community organisations that provide community based social services or projects, for example personnel, operating or programme costs
  • services or projects that encourage participation in the community, promote community leadership, and promote social, economic and cultural equity.

The Lottery Grants scheme

The Department of Internal Affairs' website describes the Lottery Grants scheme:

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board was set up by Parliament to distribute the proceeds of state lotteries to the New Zealand community. It does this through Lottery Grants and direct payments to three statutory bodies [Creative New Zealand, the New Zealand Film Commission, and Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC)].

Lottery Grants are available for different types of projects and services. Each stream of funding is managed by a separate committee made up of individuals from the community with specialist skills and knowledge …

Lottery Committees

[Each of the following Funds has a committee that is responsible for deciding which applicants will receive a grant.]

Lottery Community [Fund]

There is one Lottery National Community Committee and 11 Lottery Regional Community Committees. These make grants for projects that enable or encourage community self-reliance, capacity building and stability, opportunities for social, civil or cultural participation and reducing or removing barriers to such participation.

Lottery Community priorities include projects that have a community or social service focus, such as developmental or preventative projects, welfare and support services, and projects that help improve the well-being of people in the community.

Other national committees …

Lottery Community Facilities Fund

Makes grants to not-for-profit organisations for building projects to construct or improve community facilities. Funding is provided for community facilities that support participation in community activities and social interaction.

Lottery Community Sector Research Fund

Provides grants to enable community organisations to carry out research or evaluation projects that foster the development and application of knowledge in and for New Zealand communities.

Lottery Environment and Heritage [Fund]

Provides grants for projects that promote, protect and conserve New Zealand's natural, physical and cultural heritage.

Lottery Individuals with Disabilities [Fund]

Makes grants to people with mobility and communications-related disabilities for the purchase and adaptation of vehicles, scooters and other mobility and communication equipment.

Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities [Fund]

Funds capital works costs for the conservation, restoration and development of marae facilities, particularly wharenui, wharekai and wharepaku facilities.

Lottery Health Research [Fund]

Funds research that promotes the health of New Zealanders.

Lottery Outdoor Safety [Fund]

Funds water safety and outdoor safety projects.

Lottery Significant Projects Fund [At present, this Fund is not operational]

Provides grants large enough to enable the completion of community projects with a total value of at least $1 million.
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