Appendix 3

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Management of Biosecurity Risks.

Organisations We Contacted During the Audit

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

  • We interviewed senior managers and national advisers within MAF Biosecurity and MAF Operations.
  • We also consulted staff from companies contracted by MAF Biosecurity to work on responses to pest incursions.

Ministry of Health

  • We interviewed staff in the Public Health Directorate who have biosecurity responsibilities.
  • We also consulted staff from the company and public health services contracted by MoH to work on the response to the southern saltmarsh mosquito incursion.

Department of Conservation

  • We interviewed the staff with biosecurity responsibilities.

Other Public Sector Agencies and People

We also consulted with a wide range of organisations as outlined below:

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
  • the State Services Commission;
  • the Treasury;
  • the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet;
  • New Zealand Post Limited;
  • New Zealand Customs Service;
  • Auckland District Health Board;
  • Tairawhiti District Health Board;
  • Auckland Regional Council;
  • Wellington Regional Council;
  • Gisborne District Council;
  • New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited;
  • Agriquality New Zealand Limited;
  • the Chairperson of the Biosecurity Council; and
  • the Project Manager of the Biosecurity Strategy Development Team.

Industry and Interest Groups

We consulted the following industry and interest groups:

  • New Zealand Forest Owners Association Inc;
  • New Zealand Vegetable and Potato Growers Federation Inc;
  • Federated Framers of New Zealand Inc;
  • Wine Growers of New Zealand;
  • Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand Inc;
  • National Beekeepers’ Association of New Zealand;
  • Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Inc;
  • New Zealand Biosecure Limited;
  • Flybusters; and
  • Californian Table Grape Commission.

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