Appendix 1

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Management of Biosecurity Risks.

Glossary of Technical Terms

Appropriate level of protection: The overall level of protection against biosecurity threats sought by a WTO member through its biosecurity system. It is also called the “acceptable level of risk”. Any statement of appropriate level of protection does not have to be made in quantitative terms. The biosecurity measures used to achieve the desired appropriate level of protection must be based on science that is consistent, technically justifiable and transparent.

Containment: The application of a treatment agent to reduce the numbers and help limit the further spread of a pest.

Control: Measures to monitor an organism’s numbers and spread and respond if the organism reaches set boundaries.

Delimiting survey: A survey to determine the extent and distribution of an organism.

Endemic: An organism is endemic if it is established throughout or in any part of the country. Both native and introduced organisms can be endemic.

Eradication: Measures to rid New Zealand of a pest.

Established: An organism is established if it will remain in the country for the foreseeable future.

Exotic disease: A disease that is not regularly found among people or animals in New Zealand.

Exotic pest: A pest that is not established in any part of New Zealand.

Import health standard: Specifications with which a country’s export certification system must comply. One of the first lines of defence against unwanted pests and diseases.

Incursion: Entry and establishment of a pest not previously known to be established in New Zealand.

Interception: The discovery of an exotic pest at or before the border.

Organism: Any type of species including fish, animal, plant and seeds.

Pathway: The way in which an exotic pest or disease may be transported into the country. Pathways include goods, the material in which goods are packaged, containers, luggage, aircraft and vessels, and natural pathways such as wind and the sea.

Pest: Any noxious or destructive species of plant or animal. Primary Production Sector: Industries within this sector are agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, and fisheries.

Regulated Pest: A pest for which phytosanitary measures would be taken if it were intercepted/detected.

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measure: Any officially prescribed method for performing inspections, tests, surveys, or treatment in connection with regulated pests.

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