Video: Fraud in the public sector

We made this short video to support another piece of work about fraud. Although New Zealand has low rates of fraud, it pays to stay on the lookout...

This video is 2 minutes long.

Fraud in New Zealand's public sector

In New Zealand's public sector – the more than 4000 organisations paid for by taxes or rates – there is a strong commitment to protecting public resources. On the whole, people working for those organisations take good care to protect the money they work with and the items that their organisation owns.

Internationally, New Zealand appears at the top of an anti-corruption list of countries. This is a very good result.

That said, times are tough financially. It is particularly important to be mindful of fraud now, because there is a higher risk of fraud when people struggle to make ends meet.

Our country's risk of fraud also increases as we do more and more trading in countries where fraud is much more common (see this press release: 3% of Kiwis report paying a bribe in global survey).

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