Student inquiry questions

Case study for students: Wānanga inquiry.
  • Should successful kaupapa Māori organisations have to obey government rules that are largely based on a Pākehā world view?
  • Would TWOA have been so successful had it operated according to a Pākehā model?
  • Is hiring family members and friends acceptable in a public sector organisation?
  • What is the place of customary Māori practices like koha in modern life?
  • How important are written records versus oral records?
  • Should a competitive model usually be applied to hiring and spending in the public sector?
  • How do concepts like whanaungatanga (kinship) show through in other areas of Māori life? Are there parallels in Pākehā contexts?
  • Should public organisations fund employees to go to the funerals or tangi of family members?
  • Are family and community ties wider for Māori than for Pākehā, or do these ties manifest differently?