Performance reporting

Performance reporting is the main way that public organisations explain to Parliament and the public how well they have used public money to deliver services and achieve outcomes, and ultimately create value for New Zealand.

Performance reporting plays an important role in maintaining public trust and confidence in the public sector.

This section covers the basics, provides tips for setting up a good framework and performance indicators, describes the essential qualities of performance reporting, and lists our many resources on this topic.

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Good practice in reporting about performance

A collection of annual report covers

We have guidance to help public organisations prepare better reports on their performance. There’s guidance for local government (councils) and guidance for central government agencies:

  • Good practice in reporting about performance (April 2022): This guidance aims to help people in central government prepare better reports on the performance of their public organisation, particularly a better annual report.
  • Local government planning and reporting on performance (January 2024): This guidance sets out a range of individual examples of good practice in long-term plans and annual reports, where different councils have done more than meet minimum statutory requirements. It explains what we liked about each example, and why.

Page last updated: 25 January 2024