How to ask for an inquiry

To ask us to consider an inquiry, please use the following process:

Step 1 – First raise the matter with the organisation

If you're concerned about a public organisation’s use of its resources, first go to it with your concern and ask for its response.

Step 2 – Are we the best authority to consider your concerns?

Before writing to us, consider if we're best suited to look into your concerns. There may be another authority that is more appropriate or better able to help you.

You might also want to contact any central government department that has responsibility for the area (such as the Ministry of Education if the matter involves a school or a tertiary education institution).

Step 3 – Write to us

If you're not satisfied with the public organisation’s response and want to raise the matter with us, please provide your request to us in writing. Give us as much information as you can, including:

  • a factual description of the matter and what your specific concerns are;
  • what steps you have taken to raise your concerns or resolve these issues, including who you have been in contact with and the outcome of this;
  • why you think the matter should be of concern to the Auditor-General; and
  • copies of any correspondence or documents that would be helpful to us in understanding and considering the issues.

Email the information to, or you can write to us at:

The Controller and Auditor-General
Office of the Auditor-General
PO Box 3928

If you're writing to us under the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022, send the information to

Page last updated: 30 June 2022