Setting auditing standards

Because the Auditor-General is responsible for auditing all public organisations, it's important that the Office ensures that audits are performed effectively and efficiently, and in keeping with relevant professional accounting and auditing standards, as well as the Auditor-General’s own published auditing standards.

The Auditor-General’s Auditing Standards establish the minimum standards to be applied to audits, inquiries, and other auditing services carried out on behalf of the Auditor-General.

The Auditing Standards consist of the ethical and professional standards of the New Zealand Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (NZAuASB), supplemented by the Auditor-General’s Statements, and (where there is no NZAuASB standard) the Auditor-General’s Specific Standards.

Under section 23 of the Public Audit Act 2001, the Auditor-General must publish the Auditing Standards, by way of a report to the House of Representatives, “at least once every 3 years”. Each annual report must include a description of any significant changes made to the standards during a financial year.

Page last updated: 15 April 2021