Our recommendations

General Election 2023: Independent review of counting errors.

As well as the comments and observations we make in this report, we specifically recommend that the Electoral Commission:

  1. review all vote counting and quality assurance checks and controls to address gaps and vulnerabilities;
  2. review and update standard operations manuals and instructions, to improve the clarity of information about quality control activities and why they are important and to clarify accountability and responsibility for carrying them out;
  3. complete the end-to-end description of the election process and inter-dependencies of activities, and identify controls that support the election process;
  4. review the personnel requirements for elections, the process for recruiting and training election workers, and planning for contingencies (such as staff unavailability, system outages, and fatigue);
  5. review hardware requirements, to ensure that electorates have sufficient technology to complete tasks required of them;
  6. review the information technology systems that support the election process to ensure that they remain fit for purpose for both electorate and National Office functions; and
  7. enhance risk identification processes and continue to apply programme and project management disciplines (including managing risks) throughout the election period.