Annual report 2022/23

Note 5: Other operating costs

Accounting policy

Expenses of audit service providers

Fees for audits of public organisations carried out by contracted audit service providers are recognised as the work progresses, based on advice from the contracted audit service providers. Contracted audit service providers invoice and collect audit fees directly from public organisations.

Operating leases

An operating lease is a lease that does not transfer substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to ownership of an asset. Lease payments under an operating lease are recognised as an expense on a straight-line basis over the lease term. Lease incentives received are recognised in the surplus or deficit as a reduction of rental expense over the lease term. All leases entered into by the Office are operating leases.

Other expenses

Other expenses are recognised as goods and services are received.

Breakdown of other operating costs

Fees to auditors for the audit of the Office’s financial statements: PKF Goldsmith Fox Audit 126 104
Operating lease payments 3,119 3,010
Fees for audits of public entities carried out by contracted audit service providers* 54,922 44,234
Other expenses 11,032 9,204
Total other operating costs 69,199 56,552

* Expenditure relating to audits carried out by contracted audit service providers does not involve any cash transactions with the Office.