Annual report 2022/23

Note 17: Related party transactions

The Office is a wholly owned entity of the Crown.

Related party disclosures have not been made for transactions with related parties that are within a normal supplier or client relationship on terms and conditions no more or less favourable than those that it is reasonable to expect that we would have adopted in dealing with the party at arm’s length in the same circumstances.

Key management personnel compensation

Key management personnel remuneration 3,245 2,911
Full-time equivalent key management personnel 11 11

The above key management personnel information excludes the Auditor General and Deputy Auditor General. The Auditor General and Deputy Auditor General’s remuneration and other benefits are set by the Remuneration Authority under the Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Act 2013 and are funded under a Permanent Legislative Authority.

Key management personnel at 30 June 2023 comprised the 11 members of the Office of the Auditor-General and Audit New Zealand Leadership Teams.

The 11 members include a newly established fixed-term position in 2022/23 of Assistant Auditor-General, Audit New Zealand Strategy and Change. The new position leads the implementation of improved practice management in Audit New Zealand. An appointment to the position was made on 11 April 2023.