Appendix 4: Reports and other work published or completed in 2019/20

Annual report 2019/20.
Inquiry into Waikato District Health Board's procurement of services from HealthTap*
Inquiry into Alpine Energy Limited's decision to install solar equipment at a senior executive's house
Performance audits
Managing freshwater quality: Challenges and opportunities*
Crown investment in freshwater clean-up*
Using "functional leadership" to improve government procurement*
Local government procurement
Other published reports and studies
Main matters arising from the 2017/18 audits of district health boards
Public accountability: A matter of trust and confidence*
Results of the 2018 school audits
Tertiary education institutions: Results of the 2018 audits
Central government: Results of the 2018/19 audits*
Reflecting on our work about water management*
Implementing the firearms buy-back and amnesty scheme*
(In our Annual Plan 2019/20, we proposed this work for 2020/21. We decided to carry out this work earlier in order to provide the Police with real-time feedback so that they could make any improvements the scheme needed quickly).
Insights into local government: 2019*
District health boards: Main findings from the 2018/19 audits
How fraud was detected, 2018/19
Managing conflicts of interest: A guide for the public sector</a> (revised edition)
Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968: A guide for members of local authorities on managing financial conflicts of interest (revised edition)
Our observations on Waikato River Authority's freshwater restoration operations
Ministry of Health: Management of personal protective equipment in response to Covid-19*
Other work published
Response to Parliamentary Service's report about party and member support funding
Submission on the Public Finance (Wellbeing) Amendment Bill (letter to the Finance and Expenditure Committee)
Submission on the Public Service Legislation Bill (letter to the Governance and Administration Committee)
Controller updates on government spending on Covid-19
Controller updates
Corporate documents
Councillors' guide to the Auditor-General
Annual report 2018/19*
The Auditor-General's Auditing Standards 2020*
Draft annual plan 2020/21*
The Auditor-General's strategic intentions to 2025*
Annual plan 2020/21*
Other work completed
Products from our annual audits – about 2900 audit reports and 2900 reports to management or those charged with governance

* Presented to Parliament.