Appendix 1: List of shared information and communications technology services

Infrastructure as a Service: Are the benefits being achieved?

The GCIO has promoted and facilitated the use of "as a service" models for ICT. Organisations can use most of the shared ICT products and services in any order – they do not need to use Infrastructure as a Service first. A description of each shared ICT service is on the GCIO's website,, in the products and services section.

The shared products and services that were available at 8 February 2018 were:

  1. Amazon Web Services Cloud Framework Agreement;
  2. Common Web Platform;
  3. Confirmation Service;
  4. Desktop as a Service;
  5. Domain Name System Service;
  6. Enterprise Content Management as a Service;
  7. GCIO Assurance Services Sub-panel;*
  8. HPE Software Framework Agreement;
  9. Human Resource Information System;
  10. ICT Security and Related Services Panel;*
  11. Infrastructure as a Service;*
  12. IT Managed Services;
  13. Microsoft Licensing Framework Agreement;
  14. One.govt;*
  15. Oracle Software Framework;
  16. RealMe Login Service;*
  17. RealMe Verified Account Service;*
  18. Retrieval Service;
  19. Secure encrypted email (SeeMail);
  20. Shared Workspace;
  21. Telecommunications as a Service; and
  22. Web Services Panel.

* Mandated shared ICT services, which organisations covered by the GCIO's mandate are required to use unless they are exempt.