Part 1: About us

Annual Report 2016/17.

Who we are

The Office of the Auditor-General of New Zealand.

Our role

The Auditor-General is the auditor of every public sector organisation in New Zealand (about 3700), many of which are funded by rates or taxes. They include, for example, government departments, hospitals, schools, licensing and community trusts, Universities and Polytechnics, the Defence Forces, Air New Zealand Limited, and KiwiRail Limited.

Our purpose

We give Parliament and New Zealanders an independent view about public sector performance and accountability.

Our vision

A high-performing and trusted public sector.

Our strategic intentions

This year, we published a new strategic intentions to guide our work for the next eight years – The Auditor-General's strategic intentions to 2025. On pages 22 and 23, we provide an assessment of progress during the year against our previous strategic intentions – The Auditor-General's strategic intentions 2014/15 to 2017/18.

Our strategic risks

Our strategic risks are:

  • loss of independence;
  • audit failure;
  • loss of capability; and
  • loss of reputation.

We manage these risks through the processes that support the work we do. Our Audit and Risk Committee gives further insight and advice to help us identify and manage risk. The Committee's 2016/17 report is available on our website.

Our performance framework

Our performance framework1 summarises the outcomes we seek, the effects we aim to have, the services we provide, and the resources we must manage well.

Our performance framework.

1: Revised in June 2017.