Appendix 5: Progress with work carried forward from 2015/16

Annual Report 2016/17.
Work we planned for 2015/16Published titleDate
Public asset management – Strategy, practice, and information The Auditor-General decided not to proceed with this project.
Tertiary education: Optimising investment in assets Investing in tertiary education assets 14/2/17
Are central government entities" medium-term financial plans reasonable and supportable? Medium-term planning in government departments: Four-year plans 7/3/17
Schools: How the management of school property affects the ability of schools to operate effectively Published in 2017/18 (27/7/17)
Energy lines companies: Managing critical infrastructure Managing the assets that distribute electricity 20/6/17
Return on investment in modernising the courts Expected to be finished in 2017/18
Major asset investment: Planning and delivering benefits – the contribution of the Gateway process Using Gateway reviews to support public sector projects 20/9/16
Auckland Council: Complaints management Auckland Council: How it deals with complaints 25/8/16
Delivering mental health services Mental health: Effectiveness of the planning to discharge people from hospital 31/5/17
Health sector: Results of the 2014/15 audits Health sector: Results of the 2014/15 audits 9/8/16