Our recommendations

District health boards’ response to asset management requirements since 2009.

We recommend that each DHB:

  • understand, respond to, and manage demand for its assets and the related risks (Recommendation 1);
  • know how well its mix of assets meets its service delivery needs, now and in the future (Recommendation 2);
  • has reliable information about its assets and their condition that supports its planning for long-term service delivery (Recommendation 3); and
  • link its asset management planning to its other service and financial planning. (Recommendation 5).

We recommend that the Ministry of Health and the Treasury:

  • provide support to help DHBs to improve their asset management practices, including making more effort to identify, share, and implement the lessons from the leaders of DHB asset management (Recommendation 4); and
  • review the interaction of service, funding, and asset planning, with the aim of providing incentives for DHBs to balance short-term results with longer-term service and asset management needs (Recommendation 6).