Statement of commitments

as at 30 June 2014

Annual Report 2013/14.

This statement records expenditure to which the Office is contractually committed at 30 June 2014.

Non-cancellable operating lease commitments

The Office leases property, plant, and equipment in the normal course of its business. The majority of these leases are for premises, which have a non-cancellable leasing period ranging from three to nine years.

The Office's non-cancellable operating leases have varying terms, escalation clauses, and renewal rights. There are no restrictions placed on the Office by any of its leasing arrangements.

$000 $000
Non-cancellable operating lease commitments
Not later than one year 2,458 2,485
Later than one year and not later than five years 8,994 9,111
Later than five years 3,242 6,756
Total non-cancellable operating lease commitments 14,694 18,352
Total commitments 14,694 18,352

The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements.