Appendix 1 Major reports published in 2013/14

Annual Report 2012/13

Reports funded from multi-class output: Statutory auditor function
Performance audits
Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (published 5/11/13)
Effectiveness and efficiency of arrangements to repair pipes and roads in Christchurch (published 14/11/13)
Regional services planning in the health sector (published 20/11/13)
Immigration New Zealand: Supporting new migrants to settle and work (published 5/12/13)
Department of Corrections: Managing offenders to reduce reoffending (published 10/12/13)
Watercare Services Limited: Review of service performance* (published 29/5/14)
Setting up Central Agencies Shared Services* (published 26/6/14)
Inquiry into the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme (published 3/12/13)
Summary: Inquiry into the Mangawhai community wastewater scheme (published 3/12/13)
Inquiry into property investments by Delta Utility Services Limited at Luggate and Jacks Point (published 20/3/14)
Inquiry into the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board: Follow-up report (published 28/5/14)
Other reports and studies
Commentary on Affording Our Future: Statement on New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Position (published 8/8/13)
Using development contributions and financial contributions to fund local authorities' growth-related assets (published 9/8/13)
Using the United Nations' Madrid indicators to better understand our ageing population (published 16/10/13)
Maintaining a future focus in governing Crown-owned companies (published 13/2/14)
Reflections from our audits: Our future needs – is the public sector ready? (published 27/5/14)
Reports funded from output class: Audit and assurance services
Central government: Results of the 2012/13 audits (Volume 1) (published 10/12/13)
Public entities in the social sector: Our audit work (published 10/12/13)
Continuing to improve how you report on your TEI's service performance (published 12/12/13)
The Auditor-General's Auditing Standards 2014 (published 18/3/14)
Additional work on Solid Energy New Zealand Limited (to Commerce Committee for financial review 6/3/14, published on our website 20/3/14)
Central government: Results of the 2012/13 audits (Volume 2) (published 17/4/14)
Schools: Results of the 2012 audits (published 21/5/14)
Health sector: Results of the 2012/13 audits (published 22/5/14)
Local government: Results of the 2012/13 audits (published 29/5/14)

* Reports relating to our 2013/14 Service delivery theme.

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